A wide range of product platform

Robust investment strategy and a quality range of compatible products.
We cater to investors’ diverse financing need by providing funds in monetary funds, bond funds, balanced funds, domestic & foreign equities funds, multi-asset fund,and ETFs. We apply an assortment of investment strategies, across all asset classes, to achieve the appropriate and desirable return on investment and risk tolerance for each investor or investment firm she serves.

For the past years, we have consistently won wide acclaims and numerous accolades from prestigious domestic and overseas award institutions.
We continue an endless quest to excel ourselves in pursuit of greater returns for our investors.

  • Mutual Funds
    ‧ Taiwan Equity Fund、Global Equity Fund、Global Real Estate Fund
    ‧ Global Fixed Income Fund、Multi-asset、 Global Money Market Fund、Taiwan Money Market Fund
    ‧ Taiwan Balanced Fund 、Global Balanced Fund
    ‧ FoFs 、Domestic ETF & International ETF
  • Private Funds
    We offer a comprehensive range of private fund products in hedge funds, equity funds and fixed income funds to respond to the prevailing economic environment and to investor preferences as they evolve.
  • Discretionary
    Investment Accounts
    Capital is one of the few management companies in the industry, which had earned the honor of being entrusted with the right to provide discretionary services on behalf of the State Pension Fund for several years.